The Garden


A child-centred curriculum.

At The Garden, we have developed a bespoke curriculum to meet the learning styles of pupils with autism.

Students follow a topic-based curriculum, designed to develop the key skills of communication, independence, personal and social skills, emotional regulation, physical development, and life skills. Our framework places the child at the centre and ensures that the curriculum’s content and learning experiences are tailored to meet individual needs.

Subject areas – known as ‘learning contexts’ – are based on the National Curriculum, and are carefully chosen to provide fun, motivating activities delivered through a multi-sensory teaching approach.  The aim is not to fit our pupils into a national curriculum.  It is to deliver aspects of the curriculum to meet their specific needs, whilst creating a wider curriculum that focuses on the development of key skills.

“The wide range of subjects ensures pupils have interesting activities to participate in.”

- Ofsted report, 2014

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